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We make choosing a residential solar system easy by providing a single point of contact from your initial consultation to filing your tax credit paperwork. Among solar installers in Michigan, we are truly your one-stop shop for home solar panel installation. Our customer service guarantee comes with lifetime monitoring to ensure that your home solar panel installation continues running smoothly. By installing a residential solar system, you can start putting your cost savings towards the important things in your life, such as your children’s college education, your retirement, or that dream vacation you have always wanted.

Top 5 Reasons to Choose Solar for Your Home

Discover the Benefits of Solar Energy for a Greener, More Affordable Future

You can reduce or even eliminate your electric bill.

Electricity costs can make up a large part of your monthly expenses, and they are pretty consistent. With a home solar panel system, you will be capturing FREE energy from the sun.

It’s a great investment.

The amount of savings results in many customers seeing a return in as early as 6 years.

Increase your property value without increasing your assessed value Per new Michigan Law.

Homes with solar panels are found to have higher property values and sell more quickly than their counterparts. Solar panels are also an increasing factor for homebuyers as they evaluate properties for purchase.

Protect the environment.

Going solar is a great option to reduce your carbon footprint.

Protect against rising energy costs.

This is one of the important reasons many of our customers go solar. In recent years, energy prices have gone up an average of 3-10% annually. By choosing to install a home solar panel system, you can protect against unpredictable (or predictable!) increases in electricity costs. 

Enhance Energy Independence.

Switching to solar power reduces reliance on external energy sources, providing greater energy independence and security. By generating your own electricity, you protect yourself from fluctuating energy prices and potential disruptions in the power grid.

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Explore our range of financing solutions tailored to fit your budget and make your solar investment easy and affordable. Click below to learn more and find the perfect plan for your needs!

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