install_329The idea of going solar opens the door to a lot of questions. 

Q.) Why install solar?

A.) Installing Solar is good for the environment, and it is a good long term investment. You have 2 choices, pay for your electricity every month for the rest of your life or install solar today and reduce or eliminate your electric bill for the next 40+ years. This is a long-term investment that will pay itself back in 6-10 years.


Q.) How does solar power work?

A.) The Sun’s energy is converted to grid quality electricity that will power your entire home or business including all major appliances or machinery.

Q.) Is Michigan’s weather good for solar power production?

A.) Although Michigan does not get as much sun as Southern California, our ambient temperatures are perfect for maximum electric production. Panels are rated and tested at 77 degrees or STC(Standard Test Conditions).  Panels will produce more power when they are cooler than when they are overheated such as Southern California.  Hotter climates limit the amount of solar power that panels can produce.

Q.) Can I generate electricity that the utility company will buy back?

A.) Yes, excess power generated from your solar array will get pushed back to your Utility Company’s grid for full retail credit.

Q.) Are there any incentives available?

A.) YES, there is a 30% full Federal Tax Credit available that you can take advantage when you file your taxes next year.

Q.) Where is the best location to install solar panels on my property?      

A.) The southern exposure is the best location that will produce and maximize your production.  East or West facing rooflines are still a good location but you will lose approximately 15-20% of production.  The most important factor is to not have any shading on your array for the majority of the day time hours!

Q.) Should I install solar in the Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter?

A.) You can install solar during any month of the year.  Spring and Fall are good times because the shingles are not too hot to walk on and will reduce any damage that could occur.  The solar production curve starts to accelerate in early Spring because of the cooler days and falls off in the winter months.  So, ideally, you should install in November or December and take advantage of your 30% Tax Credit in February or March of next year!

Q.) Is there Financing available?

A.) YES, we are an authorized installer for Michigan Saves!  Michigan Saves is a non-profit organization that focuses on energy efficiency Optimization for Commercial and Residential customers.  This includes Solar installations! Depending on your credit score residents can borrow $30,000 for up to 10-year terms at 4.99%.  Commercial Customers can borrow $250,000 for 2 years at 0% or 10-year term at 4.99%!!!


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