Customer Testimonials

Residential Solar – Valerie McGuire

I just wanted to write a letter to encourage those who are considering installing Solar on their home, and the benefits they will get from it, besides the obvious. When we were looking for a home the last thing on our mind was finding a house with Solar Panels, but what a bonus it was to find one on the house we now call home. We ended up paying a little extra for the home, but with the money, we will save in the long run it will be well worth it. We couldn’t be happier with our decision.

Excellent Professional Services – Rich Kobe

A pleasure to work with Solar King on the installation of our photovoltaic panels. We appreciate their professionalism and technical knowledge. They provided feedback every step of the way and were always prepared to take the time to answer our questions. Our roof of metal shingles presented some challenges in mounting the panels, but Solar King did the research with the shingle manufacturer to figure out the right way to mount the panels. Conscientious, attention to detail, and good communication. We have no hesitations in recommending Solar King LLC. Best of luck in your business and the good work that you are doing. We are sure that you will be successful. Have recommended to friends.

Solar Installation – Karen and Sam Fifelski

My husband and I are dairy farmers with an escalating electric bill. We decided to have solar installed for a cleaner energy and to get some control over our electric bill. We choose to work with Don King because of ability to explain exactly what we were getting and the process prior to installation. It was a bonus to have the products and labor from MI. At the time there were grants available, which they did the majority of the paperwork. Don is still available for questions if I have any. We obtain approximately 1000kWh a month with no issues. The system is about 2 1/2 years old.

Everything Explained – Colleen A Crossey

Don King explained everything and I highly recommend him
I got all the tax benefit and Solar Currents information explained to me thoroughly. I am confident in my decision and I’ve already been recommending him to friends and neighbors. I learned a lot about solar panels and energy efficiency.

Personal Attention – Stephen and Barbara Guthrie

Barbara and I wanted to express our appreciation for the excellent service your organization provided and for your personal attention to our project. It looks from your website that you use customer’s testimonial quotes, so here’s our contribution.
“Our original solar panel installation in 2012 was followed the next year with a geothermal unit to supply our home’s heating and cooling needs. Those two contractors were never able to coordinate their efforts and fulfill all of the regulatory requirements with DTE. It was not until Solar King was contracted to install the final solar panels that the whole system worked perfectly, making us now completely energy independent. Thank you, Don King.”

Professionalism – Robert

I wanted to take the time to thank Don and Robert as well as their crew for the work done to install the solar panels on my home and property. The Solar-edge system recommended and set up by them is very efficient and now I can sit here and watch as the power is generated from my cell phone, laptop or the at the inverter access point. I definitely recommend Solar King LLC to install and recommend a power generation system for your home or business. They are very capable and professional with this system and will not hesitate to do any and all the work to get you on the road to clean sustainable energy.

Fast & Straightforward – Jesse

Living sustainably in the world has always been a priority of mine. Of the two dozen solar companies I researched, Solar King was by far the most responsive, professional, detailed, and conversational. They installed a solar panel and battery system in a matter of weeks, to include all the necessary forms and paperwork; now I know that virtually all the electrons my house uses are from a renewable source, both day and night!


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