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SolarWorld’s Sunmodule® solar panels are designed and manufactured to the highest standards of quality, performance and durability. The grid-tied and off-grid products from SolarWorld come in a variety of sizes and power, making them suitable for all applications – from a remote power generator to a large-scale power plant.

Sunmodule Plus solar panels

SolarWorld Sunmodule Plus monocrystalline solar panels are available in both silver or black formats. These modules meet our stringent SolarWorld quality standards, exceeding all industry standards and certifications. They also carry our 25-year warranty to guarantee maximum performance through the lifetime of your system. Don’t just take our word for it, we have third party validation of our performance and reliability.

Sunmodule Protect solar panels

The quality standard for solar panels. The Sunmodule Protect series sets new benchmarks when it comes to service life, mechanical durability, degradation, and its groundbreaking 30-year performance guarantee. It also meets and exceeds all industry standards and certifications.

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Sunmodule XL solar panels

The Sunmodule XL solar panels offer maximum reliability and energy density for project planners and investors. When installed, the Sunmodule XL solar panels provide 30% greater rated power when compared to 60-cell modules thanks to its 72-cell format, reducing system costs. With a 25A maximum reverse current, and certified to NEC standards to 1500V system voltage longer string lengths are possible further reducing installation costs.

Sunmodule Bisun solar panels

SolarWorld’s new Sunmodule Bisun bifacial solar panels offer up to 25% more yield thanks to the use of the latest, high efficient PERC cell technology combined with SolarWorld duo cells. The duo cells are active on both the front and back, making them capable of converting light from all directions into power.

Sunmodule Bisun solar panels are ideally suited for ground-mount systems and flat roofs.  When combined with highly reflective surfaces such as white membrane roofs or white stone, more light is reflected into the module, increasing the energy yield. The more light reflected back at the solar panel the surface, the higher the output generated.

Sunmodule Pro-Series solar panels

Our Sunmodule Pro-Series solar panels follow the same stringent quality requirements as our Sunmodule Plus solar panels and are designed for safety and durability in residential and commercial applications.

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Sunmodule off-grid solar panels

SolarWorld Sunmodule off-grid solar panels provide top quality and consistent high performance. Our off-grid line-up is designed for maximum flexibility for use in everything from street lighting and water pumps to full off-grid system designs. Additionally, the Sunmodule 100W Poly RGP has been specifically designed to work with water pumps.

The Sunmodule 150W poly and Sunmodule 150 mono R6A have an improved self-cleaning effect. These off-grid solar panels have a flatter transition from frame to glass. This design means hardly any deposits of dirt remain on the panels and increases overall yield.

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