Perfect for Large Scale Projects

Jinko Maximized modules can lower the cost and enhance the financial performance of large PV projects by improving the system density. The module’s built-in shade tolerance can accommodate closer row spacing enabling more production per square meter . This not only cost-effectively maximizes production in constrained areas, but also amortizes fixed costs over larger nameplate capacity lowering cost per watt. Jinko Maximized will deliver consistently more power to the off-taker and greater profits for the system owner.

Ideal for High Volume Residential

Jinko Maximized modules can produce the most energy possible regardless of home orientation or shading issues, without the complexity of DC Optimizers or added expense of Microinverters. Because MPPT for each cell string is embedded into the fabric of these modules, system design can be simplified while still utilizing the industry’s most trusted brands of string inverters. Installation is identical to that of standard modules and requires no internet configuration so shade tolerance can be included without retraining crews or slowing installation. Jinko Maximized is the perfect solution for today’s high-volume residential installers.

Technical Data

TypePolycrystalline 60-cell Module
OutputUp to 270Wp
EfficiencyUp to 16.50%
Junction BoxIP67
Temp. Coefficients of Pmax-0.40%/℃


TypePolycrystalline 72-cell Module
OutputUp to 320Wp
EfficiencyUp to 16.49%
Junction BoxIP67
Temp. Coefficients of Pmax-0.40%/℃



  • Built-in intelligent cell optimizer IC avoids negative consequences of any type of mismatch within a panel caused by shading, soling, aging, unfavorable house orientation, etc. to ensure greatest power output possible.
  • The most flexible solution for any rooftop condition and orientation.
  • Elimination of hot spots, which results in minimized panel degradation.
  • Best-in-class shade tolerance by performing MPPT on individual cell-strings to maximize energy harvest.
  • Ideal for rooftop and solar power plant applications.