Solar King Was founded by Don King to make going solar easy for you.

Don (The Solar) King’s storyline is that of a “white” collar turned “green” collar.  Along with being born and raised in Michigan and working for the automotive industry for over 22 years, he realized his true desire was to become self-sustained and reduce his carbon footprint. To accomplish this, he started working for a solar and wind design and installation company.  After five years and over a hundred completed projects, Don decided it was time to set out on his own and develop a company that focused on helping others fulfill their dreams and become less dependent on their local utility providers. The result is Solar King, LLC, a Michigan company located at 4522 Racewood Drive, Commerce, Michigan 48382

Why should you choose Solar King to complete your solar installation? With experience in designing and installing many projects, we value our customer satisfaction and strive to meet or exceed your expectations. We analyze your past and future energy needs, we understand your goals and motivations and we design a system/solution that’s right for you and your budget. Solar panels have a 25-year warranty and are expected to last and perform for 40+ years!

Lastly, it can be daunting to apply and complete all of the necessary documents from the local utility companies to your local inspector’s needs.  Solar King will complete all necessary documents and applications – we are a turnkey solution provider!

Note:  Electricity rates are rising. That’s a fact that’s not likely to ever change. If you don’t install solar today you will continue to pay more and more for your energy over time. Estimates show that our rates have increased over 8% annually since 2005.  If this keeps up you can imagine what we will be paying in the near future. By installing solar today you can hedge against these rising energy costs—and plan for your retirement.

You can generate your own electricity and have your utility company start paying you! Interested? Call (313) 820-4526 or contact us today for a free solar analysis.

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Solar Installation in Michigan


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“In the search for new alternative sources of energy, many people are starting to shine the light on one of the most abundant sources around…the sun.”

Learn how we are running entire houses based on solar power, and how we can do the same for you. Cloudy and rainy days, plus even the winter months in MI can provide energy to the solar panels.


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